Association Map

Below is a map of the Galway Hills development.  It shows all of the parts in our development as each part was developed in phases since the beginning of Galway Hills.  The map is interactive.  You can click on the highlighted areas to see more details.  If you would like a larger view of the map, click the upper right corner of the map to open in a new tab.

The Galway Hills Homeowners Association consists of Part 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, &11 and is responsible for maintaining the following common areas (Outlots):
  • Part 2 Outlot A (Along Melrose with stormwater management retention pond)
  • Part 8 Outlot 8 (Access area between 3605 & 3553 Donegal Court)
  • Part 10 Outlot D  (Behind Donegal Court & Ireland Drive)

The following outlots do not currently belong to the Galway Hills Homeowners Association:
  • Part 3 Outlot 2 (behind Tipperary Road, Donegal Court & Ireland drive) Large outlot in center of Galway Hills
  • Part 3 Outlot 3 ( Behind Tipperary Road (from 832 - 903 Tipperary)
  • Part 11 Outlot C (Triangular outlot behind 1275 - 1260 Tipperary and behind 3440 - 3404 Limerick Lane)
  • Part 10 Outlot A & B (Either side of Shannon Road down to bike trail