Architectural Review Requirements

Architectural approval is required from the HOA as stipulated in the covenants.   Use the request submittal form to start the process for architectural approval.  Note, you need to comply with all of the requirements.  The form by itself will not meet all the requirements for submittal of an application. 

All the covenants are similar, part 2 is shown below for reference.  


5.1 Plan approval.  No building, fence, wall or other structure shall be commenced, erected or maintained within the Subdivision, nor shall any exterior addition to or change or alternation therein, be made until the plans and specifications showing the nature, kind, shape, height, materials, and location of the same shall have been submitted to and approved by the Declarant as hereinafter provided.

5.2 Contents of the Approval Application.  Complete plans and specifications for the proposed construction shall be submitted to the Declarant or its nominee or assignee for approval.  In addition to plans and specification for proposed structures, the application for approval shall contain a plot plan showing the location and type of any fences, parking areas, plantings, landscaping, exterior lighting and other relevant matters, including the location on the lot of all proposed improvements, the materials to be used and the color scheme proposed.  The application shall also set forth a time schedule for the construction of such improvements, and in no event will an application be approved when the proposed construction will not be commenced within one (1) year from the date of application.  

5.3  Approval or Disapproval.  The Declarant or its nominee or assignee shall have the right to refuse approval of any such plans for any reason which the Declarant, in its sole discretion, may deem to be in the best interest of the present and future owners of lots within the Subdivision.   The approval or disapproval of said application shall be delivered to the owner in writing within a period of thirty (30) days after the same has been submitted to the Declarant or its nominee and in the event of disapproval, shall specify the exact reasons therefore. If the Declarant fails to approve or disapprove plans and specifications within 30 days or if no suit to enjoin the construction, has been commenced prior to the completion of such construction, approval will be conclusively presumed to have been given and these covenants shall be deemed to have been fully complied with.  If the Declarant approves of the said application, the owner shall not thereafter deviate from said plans so approved.